19 Mar 2021 - DBKO & WoDBO & DBKO Remastered

as some of you already know, we are currently preparing whole remake of DBKO and with this there will be few changes:
* current DBKO will be changed into with some changes,
* this wesite will be moved to link:,
* about premium points: we are never removing points so there will be option to transfer your points either to WoDBO or to DBKO Remastered for free,
* current DBKO edition will end on 21 March 2021
* WoDBO edition will start on 9th April 2021
* with coding new edition of DBKO Remastered we found bug that made most of lags on our old servers when there were high amount of players, so next WoDBO could have more players than wodbo/dbko/wono last time

Few words about DBKO Remastered:
* This will be whole remake of DBKO
* We already rewrited most od DBKO systems into the new engine
* There will be many changes including reborn will look completly different etc
* There will be a new website
* There will be many changes in client
* There will be closed beta for 20-50 players before lunching
* There will be no bots, no candy bot and there will be logs for detecting any automated things and there will be bans when someone will be marked as bot
* Approx. start of DBKO Remastered is June 2021 but it may be delayed
Putting those in one sentance it will be the update that DBKO deserved for a long time!

Stay Tuned,
DBKO Support

15 Jan 2021 - DBKO Week

We are introducing 50% exp event on DBKO! Join now and fight with gift special game code "RULE-THE-DBKO"

18 Dec 2020 - DBOKO War

17 Dec 2020 - Tournament Changes

From now you will get signing bonus +40 ELO just for entering on the Tournament and players with all tournament achivement won't be able to participate in the next tournaments!

10 Dec 2020 - Power Up

Power Up skill has been changet in to "health and ki + 10k for 30 sec", cast 45 sec.
Equipement for lvl 500+ is now regenerating some hp ans ki.
Skill Agility is faster for one star atribute character.

26 Nov 2020 - DBKO v14

DBKO v14 Changelog:
+ Characters have been divided into classes, it is associated with a various increase in HP / KI to lvl, different special techniques, the speed of skilling given skills as well as the power of damage or defense.
The classes that have been introduced are:
-Tank (Defender)
-DPS (Damage)
-Debuffer (Debuffer)
+ Added "Guild Boss Event" where you defeat a boss in a guild group to get a special buff for the whole guild for 6 hours.
+ Added "Tournament of Power Event" which consists of fighting in a big arena in teams of 4.
+ Exp stage has been slightly reduced.
+ Leveling and training Ki lvl decreased.
+ Added "Enhancement Transformations" for all characters at levels 600,800 and 1000lvl.
+ New backpacks, sets, weapons and crafting items for lvl 800 and 900 have been added.
+ New crafting options, new weapons and sets have been added.
+ Added the ability to turn Beerus Set and Golden Saiyan Set into Patroler Set.
+ Changes have been made to the required levels for equip items.
+ New monsters have been added for lvl 600,800 and 1000.
+ Fixed problems with Heroes Saga.
+ Machine Mutants have been nerfed.
+ Exp for Saga has been reduced.
+ The monsters of the Majin group have been balanced.
+ Premium Shop has been modernized and changed.
+ New planets have been added: Zeta, Gardia and Energa.
+ Added new island: Old Dragonia.
+ Many hunting spots and spots with teleport have been improved.
+ Added new techniques for DPS "Rage" and Buffer "Power Share".
+ The Deconcentration technique for the Debuffer has been increased from 15% to 25%.
+ Energy defense has been reduced by 50%.
+ "Power Up" technique has been changed to "health and ki regeneration + 300 / s, health and ki + 10k for 30 sec".
+ God Power and Ultra Instinct Power exhust does not disappear after death.
+ Ultra Instinct Power: dash removed.

+All "Exclusive Backpacks" can be dropped from the MVP.
+Added 21 daily missions between 400-1000 + lvl
+The "Heroes vs Villains" event gives winners 30 event points and losers 10 event points.
+The "War of Emperor" event gives winners 30 event points and losers 15 event points.
+Each Time Patroler event gives you 3 patrol points.
+LVL 700 Energy Set and LVL 900 Destruction Set have been boosted.

+SHOP (At players' request):
+Glove Loss Box -> two best weapons have been removed.
+Sword Loss Box -> two best weapons have been removed.
+Ki Loss Box -> two best weapons have been removed.
+Senzu and Enchanted Senzu have been added.

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